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What is Usability Testing? Critical Methods & Helpful Tools

Usability testing is an integral part of the design process that provides invaluable insight into the practical application and real-world usage of a product. Learn more about its benefits, how to conduct a usability test, and which methods are best.

Published March, 2019

How to Transcribe an Interview: 7 Top Tips to Save You Time and Money

Conducting an incisive interview is an accomplishment, but interview transcription can feel like a chore. Here’s how to transcribe an interview faster and without overspending.

Published February, 2019

11 Tips on How to Be a Good Interviewer

In a competitive job market, learning how to be a good interviewer isn't optional – it's critical to the success of recruiters and hiring managers. Five experts share their best interviewer tips and their favorite interview questions.

Published January, 2019

25+ Key Focus Group Questions: How to Choose, Write and Ask the Best Questions

Strong focus group questions are critical to successful market research. We give you the insight you need to write all types of focus group questions with the help of proven examples and expert advice.

Published December, 2018

What is Qualitative Research: Your Guide to Methods, Questions, Analysis & More

Learn why qualitative research is essential to gaining insight into emotional drivers and exploring the ‘why’ behind behaviors, opinions, and attitudes in this all-in-one guide.

Published November, 2018